I have always considered teaching to be one of my fundamentals in becoming a more holistic musician. Throughout my life, I have been extremely fortunate to have been taught by many incredible musicians. I teach to not only spread the wealth of knowledge they offered me, but to initiate a spark and joy in music in everyone.

My goal as a teacher is to not create the next big superstar, but to create and foster an environment where students can develop their passion and love for music. This is important to me as I believe that pressures to excessively practice or pursue music only serve to distance the student away from true enjoyment and happiness. Rather, I invite students into music by setting an example and performing music that stimulates their passion and interest for clarinet and classical music.

I approach my teaching on an individual basis as no two students are alike. I strive to connect with each student in a relaxed and informal approach that allows me to understand their goals and concerns. This allows for mutual respect between the student and instructor and facilitates a healthy learning environment.

I am currently located in Morgantown, West Virginia and am the Adjunct Instructor of Clarinet at West Liberty University (WLU). To find out more about the program at WLU, please click here. If you would like lessons for yourself or for your child, contact me directly at keeheon@keeheon.com.

I look forward to teaching you!